Issue: A downloaded Form loses its formatting causing formatting issues similar to the following:

  • A 1-2 page document to unexpectedly expand to 2-4 pages in length;
  • Extra blank rows are created for no apparent reason;
  • Tables inserted into a form lose their boundaries and appear to overlap or be in conflict with each other.


Formatting features in Word documents created using versions of MS-Word that are different from your version of Word may exhibit unexpected behavior as described above.

The usual solution is to convert such a document to your version of Word, if possible.

However, opening the same converted document on yet a different version of Word may still exhibit other issues that are different from the original issue. 

Possible Remedies

You will most likely need to find a compatibility pack for the Microsoft Word Version that you have and download that compatibility pack.

Below are some Microsoft Knowledgebase and/or user forum entries on this subject. (Please note that no 2 problems are resolved by the same remedy requiring further research on your part to remedy your MS-Word issue).

If you try these remedies and are unable to resolve the issue, please contact American LegalNet’s Forms Work Flow research c/o

Microsoft Knowledgebase and/or user forum entries on this subject: