Sometimes an error 6295 may occur when downloading a Form stating that Office has detected a problem with the form. It also says that the file cannot be opened.

This error may leave you feeling that the form has something wrong with it that cannot be corrected.

However, the reality is that more than likley, this error is the result of an underlying Microsoft issue between versions of Word and the version the downloaded document was created in. (More on a remedy in a moment).

Secondly, the 6295 error is not generated by Forms Workflow.

Instead we believe that you should implement the following remedies in the sequence here:

  1. Make sure that the PC experiencing this issue has all of the Office patches installed;

  1. If that does not remedy it, download the form directly from the FWF website at using the same credentials currently used by FWF users;

Open the form, which should result in a friendly prompt appearing. Assuming that you receive the prompt, hit "OK" then hit Save As" and then (depending on your version of Word) check the radio button option "Save in Compatibility mode" and save the document.

If these 2 above steps do not relieve the issue, please let us know and we will check the form itself to see if it needs to be corrected.